LIFE BIOBCOMPO aims to reduce the environmental footprint of new vehicles through innovative bio-based composites.


SÒPHIA CZ is conducting this European Research Project (PROGRAM LIFE17 CCM/PL/000049), in collaboration with SAPA, CRF, FCA Group and aiming at reducing CO2 emissions by 1.23 kg per km by 2021, by producing low-density composites.


Road vehicles are responsible of about 12% of total worldwide CO2 emissions. On January 2007 the EC has proposed a reduction of transport sector related GHG by redefining the emission target of new automotive vehicles to 95 g of CO2 per km from 2021. Thus, there is a strong interest of all car makers on new ecological lightweight materials.


The specific objectives of LIFE BIOBCOMPO are:


  • To develop at industrial level very low density thermoplastic materials which allows to save up to 8% in weight with respect to traditional compounds by using natural fillers combined with traditional polymers and physical/chemical expanders.

  • To replace conventional mineral fibres (e.g. glass fibre) with bio-based fibres thus promoting the use of more sustainable resources.

  • The project aims to demonstrate these new technology at industrial scale, aiming to overcome the problems related to industrialization of the newly proposed solutions.

  • The project Team, coordinated by SAPA, will improve the workability, aesthetics and mechanical properties of the new materials by fitting the final products to the requirements of the end-user. Here, FCA Group will play a major role by ensuring proper industrial vision and exploitation perspectives. In this respect, the objective of BIOBCOMPO is not only to reduce the vehicle emissions but also to make the production costs of such lightweight composites compatible with the client requirements and make sure that the new materials will be fully recyclable and the end of their life-cycle. This will be realized thanks to the cooperation of SOPHIA CZ.


The environmental goal is to reduce the vehicle CO2 emissions by 8% with respect to current values. By the end of BIOBCOMPO, the Team is expected to equip up to 30.000 new cars with components made by the new materials, which corresponds to 160.000. This means a total saving of 1.23 Kg of CO2 per km, i.e. a potential saving of 1.23 tons of CO2/year (assuming 10.000 km/y per car) or 246 tons of CO2 over the average vehicle lifetime (200.000 km).


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