AMMEP (Additive Manufacturing by Mixing Elemental Powders) is an aerospace R&D Project


The partners are AVIO and Sòphia High Tech (Sòphia CZ Italian group).

The object is redesign of the VEGA-E launcher (space launcher) components using ALM technolgy. Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) is the technology that allows to produce complex three-dimensional parts through a layer-by-layer printing process starting from metal powders, avoiding the use of traditional processes. 

These aerospace components arefollowing an attentioned qualification process before going into working phase (first launch on 2024). The main development by Sòphia is the realization of a metal powder mixing apparatus. This technology involves the use of a fluidized sound bed, created in partnership with the CNR (National Research Council). Thanks to this method of mixing, the Company is creating different types of metal powders to use in additive technologies.


The AMMEP Research Project upsets the concept of additive manufacturing by developing a new technological process through which it will be possible to obtain three-dimensional objects made of metallic material with a customized alloy according to the mechanical and thermal characteristics to be conferred to ITEM. This technology can be widely used to obtain manufactured articles in metallic material capable of enhancing certain properties of one or more elements of an alloy and / or combining them in order to obtain predetermined performances.



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