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SÒPHIA CZ is an engineering company, belonging to SÒPHIA HIGH TECH Group, that provides: 

  • Embedded Software Testing

  • Software Development

  • Software Testing

  • Hardware Testing

SÒPHIA CZ supports its Clients in meeting their increasing challenges:

  • a wide-range of global services for industrial projects the ability to collaborate across the entire product lifecycle

  • 2 centers of excellence across Europe (Czech Republic and Italy

  • More than 100 skilled and dedicated Engineers

  • Thanks to the assets of our in-house research center, SÒPHIA CZ has the tools and means to turn Your concept into reality.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be bringing our own innovations supported by scientific research and to use them in various branches of Industry.


We also are very pleased to be working on very narrow problems that remain overlooked by commercial solutions. In these cases we rely on our own applied research.


Three values have been the pillars of Sòphia CZ since the very beginning:

  • Respect for our employees and clients

  • Courage to commit to innovation and technological Ambition.

  • Strong Reactivity

Those values, together with our Passion for Technologies and our expertise in turnkey solutions, have enabled us to win our clients’ trust.



Headquarter | Science and Technology Park, Plzen, Teslova 3, 301 00, Czech Republic

Registered Office | Jičínská 226/17, Praha 3 – 130 00, Czech Republic

Phone | +420 773 462 127

Mail | info@sophiacz.com
IC | CZ05617979

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